Regenerative Medicine in Sandusky, OH

Regenerative medicine is quickly becoming one of the most exciting alternatives for getting treatment on your muscles and joints. At Sandusky Wellness Center in Sandusky OH, we’ve been helping patients with alternative treatments for years. Regenerative medicine is at the forefront of sports medicine, chiropractic care, and a host of other treatment methods for athletes and active people. As pain management specialists, our entire team is always looking for the next generation of tools to help patients see results. If you are interested in learning more about regenerative medicine, please call us today.

The Basics of Regenerative Medicine

We are just starting to learn about the powerful properties of the human umbilical cord outside of the context of pregnancy and childbirth. Within this tissue is something called Wharton’s Jelly, which provides structural support for the body and can assist in the recovery and treatment of muscles and joints throughout the body. As an alternative to other forms of injectable medications and treatments, Wharton’s Jelly provide patients with a host of benefits.

Advantages of Wharton’s Jelly

While healthcare providers have used injectable medications for years, harnessing the power of the human umbilical cord is truly revolutionary. Taken from consenting donors, this tissue is rigorously tested and reformulated to provide our patients with a next generation solution for treatment and pain management. Wharton’s Jelly has the following properties, making it a great alternative to other forms of medicine:

  • High concentrations of stem cells, growth factors and other aspects needed for regeneration.
  • High amount of extracellular matrix components – collagen, hyaluronic acid, and proteoglycans.
  • Also has a tremendous reservoir of peptide growth factors, an essential component of healing.
  • Very anti-inflammatory because of high concentration of cytokines.

Regenerative Practitioners

At Sandusky Wellness Center, we use regenerative medicine techniques on patients who are not experiencing pain relief from other sources. While other pain management facilities are fine to pump their patients with NSAIDs and other forms of traditional medications, we believe in harnessing the power of new advances in medical technology to provide our patients with options and results. Regenerative medicine offers our patients the ability to minimize pain, speed up recovery from injury, and generally feel better.

Joints and Muscles Rejoice

No matter which joints and muscles are causing you pain, regenerative medicine techniques with Wharton’s Jelly are possible through Sandusky Wellness Center. We take extreme precaution to ensure all sourcing of our products are up to the highest standard and we are serious about keeping all our processes above board and ethical. The exciting frontier of regenerative medicine is here at Sandusky Wellness Center.

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Are you in pain but other pain relief techniques aren’tworking to relieve your symptoms? Sick of steroid injections that aren’t providing the needed results? Consider trying our regenerative medicine techniques. Wharton’s Jelly has quickly become one of the most talked about forms of pain relief and Sandusky Wellness Center is proud to be at the forefront of this new movement.

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