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Chiropractic care is the most popular natural health care choice in the United States. Chiropractic is more understood, accepted, and used than ever before. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between your structure (spine, muscles, joints, etc.) and how it affects the health and function of your body.

Chiropractic care is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

Interference to the nervous system causes the body to malfunction and develop symptoms. The spine, when unhealthy, is the most common structural cause of interference to the nervous system. This is called a vertebral (spinal) subluxation.

When you have subluxations in your spine, the spinal bones cause interference to your nervous system. Chiropractors locate the areas of the spine that are subluxated and perform adjustments (treatments) to heal the subluxations and remove the interference to the nervous system.

What makes chiropractic care different is the approach to your health problem. As chiropractors, we are trying to heal your health conditions and improve the overall health of your body. We are not trying to merely cover up your symptoms.

Our approach to your health is to heal the cause of your health problems, improve your overall health, and then work to keep you as healthy as possible for the rest of your life.

Getting results with chiropractic care is a lot like exercising. Let me explain.

If you want to “get in shape,” I think you’d agree that you would have to exercise 3 to 4 times a week for several weeks. If you go to the gym one time and have a great workout, it may make you feel good that day, but that doesn’t mean you are “in shape.”

Getting in shape is a process that takes time and repetition.

Chiropractic care works the same way. It takes several treatments over several weeks to restore health to your body and get you feeling better. A couple of treatments may make you feel better, but it isn’t enough time or enough treatments to fix your problem.

There is no magic pill or quick fix to getting healthy. The secret to getting healthy is time and repetition. If you want to improve your health, then you need to make a commitment to getting the treatments necessary to restore your health.

Do not be somebody who is looking to make the least effort because you will be disappointed in your results and your health will not improve.

A subluxation is a condition where there is a misalignment or a loss of motion of one or more of the bones in the spine, causing a problem with the nerve(s) in that area. Subluxations create interference to the nerve signals, causing the body to malfunction.

Subluxations destroy the ability of the brain and body to properly communicate with one another, resulting in a loss of health. They can have devastating effects on your quality of life.
When the nervous system is malfunctioning because of spinal subluxations, the normal communication pathways are interrupted and the nerve system no longer has the ability to function properly.

Your body performs worse at every level.

Your immune system weakens, your strength and coordination are negatively affected, your emotional state can be altered, your organs may not function normally, and you could experience a constant state of pain, stiffness, lack of flexibility, stress, fatigue, and many other symptoms.

Subluxations, just like cavities, cancer, and many other diseases can start out PAINLESS.
And if they are left uncorrected, they continue to get worse.

If you have areas in your spine that are subluxated, and they are interfering with the normal function of your nervous system, you cannot have optimal health.

Because your nervous system controls your entire body, if it isn’t working correctly, it is impossible for your body to be working correctly. That’s why having a healthy spine is so important.

It’s our job to restore health to the areas of your spine that have subluxations. It’s our job to make sure your nerve system is as healthy as possible. It’s our job to not only get you out of pain when you hurt but also keep your body as healthy as possible.

That depends on you! There are many factors that determine how long it will take to restore your health. These factors include your age, your overall level of health, your diet, how long you’ve had your health problem(s), the severity of your health problem(s), and more.

If you look in a medical textbook, it will tell you that healing your health problem(s) can take anywhere from 1 to 12 months.

In our office, our experience is that you will feel much better in 1 to 6 weeks and we can rehabilitate your body and restore your health too as near normal as possible in 2 to 6 months.

To become a chiropractic doctor, one must complete 4 years of postgraduate study. The coursework is very similar to medical school. The difference is chiropractors focus on the structure of the body, nutrition, and healing the body naturally while medical doctors focus on drugs, disease, and emergency care.

There are several factors that cause your spine and body to become unhealthy.

1. Neglect.

Imagine if you never brushed your teeth. What would you expect? That’s right, problems. It could be a cavity, it could be gum disease. Imagine if you ignored your spouse. How would that be a good idea or a bad idea? What if you ignored the maintenance of your car? Here’s the point. When you neglect areas of your body or life, bad things happen. The spine is no different.

Most people haven’t been taught that it’s important to take care of their spine and its structure. And because the spine is neglected, over time it becomes unhealthy and starts to hurt.

2. Aging.

None of us can avoid the effects of aging. As we age, our body starts to wear down and wear out.

3. Everyday wear and tear.

Most health problems don’t happen right away. They develop over time. Little by little, our everyday activities start to wear down our spines. Over time we start to develop subluxations. And once you have subluxations in your spine, your body is malfunctioning you start to lose your health and develop pain.

4. Stress.

There are 3 different stresses that make your body break down – physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress. Stress has been proven to have negative effects on the body, including the spine.

5. Trauma.

This is the most obvious reason. Car accidents fall, and other accidents can cause injury to the spine. And if these spinal injuries don’t heal properly, then as you get older they will re-emerge as a problem.

Chiropractic care is one of the safest treatments in the world. As a comparison, did you know that over 3,000 people die each day from medical errors and over 2 million people are hospitalized for medical errors? Chiropractic care does not kill people and it rarely causes injury.

Another way to determine the safety of a profession is to check the malpractice insurance rates. If there is a lot of risks involved, then the malpractice costs will be high. Chiropractors have some of the lowest malpractice insurance costs in healthcare.

You won’t find a better health care choice in terms of safety and effectiveness than chiropractic care.

Check with your insurance company to find out. We are in-network and out-of-network providers with most insurance companies that people have.

Also, just so you know, most people become patients in our office via referral from a friend or family and are choosing their chiropractic care based on the doctor they want to see and not their health insurance coverage.

Our prices are extremely reasonable and we will work out payment options for patients who really want to receive chiropractic care in our office.

Not usually. The majority of the time they make you feel better and relax your body.
However, a small percentage of people may feel a little achy or sore during their first few adjustments. This is your body getting used to the adjustment. It is extremely rare for a patient to tell us that an adjustment hurt them or made them feel worse. We rarely see this happen.

Absolutely. Chiropractic care is great for children. It’s extremely safe and the kids love it. We see lots of children in our office. Some of the conditions we’ve helped kids with are ear infections, ADD, asthma, trouble breastfeeding, colic, and other common problems.

It’s great during the growth and development years. If you have your kids get chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis, they will be much healthier and they won’t get sick as much.
If you are new to chiropractic care, you need to know that receiving chiropractic care is not “age-based.” Anyone from birth to death can receive the benefits of getting chiropractic adjustments.

The most obvious problems we help people with are the back and neck.
Here are some of the not-so-obvious: Headaches, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, sinus problems, fatigue, stomach or digestive problems, shoulder problems, hip problems, knee problems, ankle problems, arthritis, degenerative joint or disc disease, muscle stiffness, trouble sleeping, stress, and much more.
There are also a lot of patients who come into our office and get a chiropractic adjustment once or twice a month to keep themselves healthy and “tuned up.” So we not only help people get out of pain, we help people stay healthy and keep from having pain.

Here are a few of the benefits that patients tell us they have experienced from the chiropractic care in our office:

  • Less muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Better flexibility
  • Able to move better
  • Able to be more active and exercise, work in the garden, etc.
  • Better sleep
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Better able to handle stress
  • Better attitude: less angry and irritable
  • Improved performance at work
  • Improved performance athletically
  • Don’t get sick as much
  • Just feel better
The patients in our office who want to keep their spine and body healthy will get a chiropractic adjustment one to two times a month.

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