How We’re Different At Sandusky Wellness Center

Our Approach To Healthcare

Most doctors only treat symptoms. Our approach has always been to heal the cause of the symptoms. This approach works better because not only will you feel better, but your body will also be stronger and healthier.

Chiropractic and Medical Care

In our office, we combine the most advanced chiropractic care with cutting edge medical care to give you an integrated health care approach that gives you the best of both worlds. Our approach to health care is unique and different from other health care offices.

Our Experience

Since 2002, Dr. Gregg Winnestaffer, D.C. has helped thousands of people in the Sandusky area improve their health naturally with chiropractic care. Dr. Winnestaffer has worked with infants, children, adults, athletes, and the elderly. You can feel confident that Dr. Winnestaffer will know what to do with your specific health care problem or goal.

We Have Fun

Our office is not your typical stuffy doctor’s office. In our office, we like to have fun. We take your health extremely seriously, but we do it in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Winnestaffer and the staff are always having a good time with the patients.

Family Atmosphere

We see lots of families in our office. It’s not uncommon to see a mom and her children all come in together to receive chiropractic care. Husbands and wives come in together for care and entire families all are under care.

We have a lot of families who use our chiropractic care on a regular basis to keep themselves healthy. We consider our patients part of our family and we treat them that way when they are in the office.

You Don’t Have To Wait Long

We have an efficient scheduling system that cuts down on the waiting time in our office. When you come in for your appointment, 90% of the time you will see Dr. Winnestaffer in 15 minutes or less. We respect your time and do our best to keep on schedule.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Approach to Healthcare
  • Chiropractic and Medical Care
  • Our Experience
  • We Have Fun
  • Family Atmosphere
  • You Don't Have To Wait Long