Myofascial Release Therapy in Sandusky, OH

Choose Renewed Muscular Strength

If you or someone you know has lost flexibility or even muscle function after an injury, you may be an excellent candidate for myofascial release therapy at Sandusky Wellness Center. Patients suffering from personal injuries don’t have to spend thousands of dollars at doctor visits or on complicated medications.

Myofascial release helps tightened and shortened muscles regain strength and flexibility by:

  • Reducing or eliminating back, hip, or other soft tissue pain
  • Treating carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Relieving migraine headaches due to tightness of tissues
  • Releasing pressure on muscles or joints that are pulling the body out of proper alignment

Relief is available! Call Sandusky Wellness Center today.

If you are concerned about whether or not you are a good candidate for myofascial release, meet with our doctor for a free consultation to discuss your symptoms and possible treatment plan. Call our wellness center at (419) 625-8085 for the chiropractic care you need at a price you can afford with or without insurance coverage.

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