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I Can’t Believe How Much Better I Feel!

I can't believe how much better I feel! I thought I would not be able to work much less walk by Christmas 2008. Then I came to see Dr. Winnestaffer at my wife and co-workers urging. It truly is a miracle! The treatments by Dr. Winnestaffer and his wonderful staff have not relieved the pain, but have improved my mood, I am mobile, and enjoying life again. I wish I had started treatment by Dr. Winnestaffer a long time ago. Life is so good for me. Thank God for Dr. Winnestaffer. I urge everyone to get treatment by Dr. Winnestaffer.

Robert Fox Sandusky , OH April 13, 2015

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My Days Are So Much Better

It is a miracle. My family couldn't believe what a difference I've been since I've been coming to the chiropractor. My days are so much better, I can cook again, do my laundry, and just exit some days without pain. I prayed many days for God to relieve my pain and he sent me to Dr. Winnestaffer. Thank you.

Billie J. Babers Sandusky , OH April 13, 2015

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Dr. Winnestaffer Keeps Me Going

I had hand and arm pain, numbness, and couldn't sleep at night. I have done home building for 40 years, high school football and got broken bones from both. I don't use medical doctors or take any drugs they suggest. By using chiropractic treatment for 38 years, like treatment by Dr. Winnestaffer, they have kept me working

Rollie Hartenfeld Bellevue , OH April 13, 2015

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If It Wasn’t For Dr. Winnestaffer, I’d Be Using A Scooter To …

If it wasn't for Dr. Winnestaffer I'd be using a scooter chair to move around. The only comfort I've ever gotten was from treatment with Dr. Winnestaffer. I'm able to walk and for that I'm grateful. I look forward to coming in and seeing him and his staff. He gives me hope, relief, and answers all my medical questions. He really knows what's wrong with my body. He is a blessing.

Raul Martinez "Rudy" Sandusky , OH April 13, 2015

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